Thane, Mumbai top air pollution

Source: The Asian Age | Posted on 29 August 2018

Thane, Mumbai top air pollution

Thane and Mumbai are among the cities with the highest number of industries causing heavy pollution. This is according to the star-rating programme of the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB), which rates industries in Maharashtra, based on the level of air pollution. Thane district has at least nine industrial units in the one star (very poor) category and two more industries fall under the two star (poor) category.

In the star-rating programme, hundreds of large industrial plants have been rated for the first time on a scale of one to five stars based on their levels of particulate emissions. One indicates non-compliance whereas five indicates compliance. “One star” industries emit a minimum of 250 mg/nm3 of particulate matter. Most of the “one star” industries belonged to the chemical sector, followed by the paper and metal sectors. Mumbai too recorded a significant number of industries in the one star and two star categories, with half of the monitored 55 industries recording high level of emission.

“The sugar and distilleries sectors are the most polluted sectors of Maharashtra. While the initiative helps in monitoring the pollution level of various sectors, it will alslo encourage industries to put their data in the public domain,” said Dr P. Anbalagan, member secretary, MPCB. As many as 253 industries have enrolled as of August 2018. While 45.1 per cent industries were rated above three stars, around 38.3 per centwere rated two and one star. Aurangabad had the highest number of one star industries, in sugar, pharmaceuticals, paper and metal sectors.

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